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3 Times You Should Organise In-Home Respite Care

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If you are the primary caregiver for an elderly relative, then you might already use some basic home care services. Or example, you might have carers coming into your home a couple of times a day to check on your relative while you are at work.

However, there are times when you need extra help. For example, you might need respite care services. Here, your home care agency's carers take on all the care of your relative for a period of time. When might you need in-home respite care?

1. You Need a Vacation

Caring for an elderly relative can add a lot of stress to your life. No matter how much you love them and want to look after them, a caregiver's role is hard. If you have to juggle your own job and a family, then you might feel tired and overstretched.

You might be desperate to take a vacation. You might prefer to do this on your own or with your family. Even if you're happy for your relative to come along, they might not be fit enough to go with you.

If you hire in-home respite services, then you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that your relative has all the care they need. You can organise anything from scheduled daily visits to live-in care depending on their needs.

2. You Both Need a Break

Your relationship with your relative can suffer when you take on a caring role. If they are independent, then they might resent having to rely on you to help them with daily tasks. You might become frustrated with the time you have to spend with them. You might feel short of emotional energy.

If your relationship isn't going so well at the moment, then a short period of respite care can help. It gives you both a break from each other and a chance to reset. Your relative will be happy to see you when you return. You'll have had a chance to clear your head and recharge your batteries.

3. Your Relative Doesn't Want to Stay in a Respite Facility

If you need to take a break or to be away from home, then you can book your relative into a nursing home that offers respite care. However, some elderly people really don't want to leave their homes even for a short time.

The thought of moving into a nursing home can make older people anxious. Some worry that they will never come home again. If you organise in-home respite care, then your relative stays in a familiar environment. They get all the care they need based on familiar routines.

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